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Opium 39

Nicolas Tournade and Marc Lombard, the fathers of this yacht, whose revolutionary concept of a new era in Cruising initiates.
"We had made it our business to the potential of the extraordinary speed in the construction of the" open lies "class, the distance sailors, family crews or the many sailors, the only two of the move, making it accessible."
Opium team.

Under sailThe opium 39, the hull shape in a direct line from the scene descended the Open 60 monohulls will inspire all those who like to bring their ship to glide, all those who like to travel fast and comfortably.
Great initial stability and very good upwind performance characterize the underwater hull, which finds its optimum angle of heel at 20 °. When change course on half wind makes itself felt a marked acceleration, with further drop on downwind wind has you stand the feeling.
The balance of the lines of the underwater hull, in conjunction with two oars and the perfect balance of coordination with the sail plan to give the boat a remarkable price stability: at each wind angle at any speed and the helmsman is always in full control of the ship.
The total sailing fun is no longer the privilege of a few professional sailors!Furthermore, there is no doubt that the sailors embark on the Opium 39, will bring their boat after a short time to glide and to experience the ecstasy of this fast surfs with a Neununddreißigfüßer. The opium-39 was developed for crews, where it is important to large distances in the shortest possible time, to travel without too much effort and with maximum security.
Sailors who are frequently on the road with a small team to find the Opium 39 the ideal boat for both inshore and offshore for - or trans-Atlantic voyage. A lightweight boat means significantly reduced effort for its service, deck equipment, rigging and sails will be less stress. A boat that is not strained, is aging more slowly and does not fatigue the crew.
The are narrow but deep keel and rudder, the two balance for the port maneuver under power, and this is also an advantage in advance as when reversing. The turning circle of the opium-39 is extremely low, the control precision remarkable.
Deck and Cockpit
The huge cockpit crew is also the largest, convenient and secure sufficient space. Thanks intelligently positioned serving as foot rest, can helmsman and crew at each angle of heel is always optimally supported. The cockpit is divided into two sections: the front part of the maneuver (here you can protect yourself) is also behind the deck house against wind or weather to disrupt the rear part for a cozy get-togethers without in the maneuvers.The concept of opium, 39 has been deliberately designed for a small team. Therefore, the equipment is simple and easy to handle. The Decksaurüstung has generous dimensions. The operation of traps, extensors and peppers is perfectly arranged.
The doorways to the foredeck whose width is ideal? "Place in the Sun" is, are wide and free from interfering lines so that you can safely get to the foredeck.
The four storage spaces in the cockpit, which are sealed watertight three, result in a total volume of 2,000 liters. More than sufficient to accommodate fenders, sail a dinghy outboard motor or other material, including for sport and leisure.
Also, the anchor box with a volume of 350 liters has not fallen very low. Here, the 1,200 watt windlass was placed dual capstan head, as well as the anchor rope with chain.
Rigging and sails
The mast of the Opium 39 has two split Salingspaare. The wedge-shaped arrangement of the cross-trees has the advantage that the mast in the longitudinal stiffness, without recourse to the use of this back days notice. On a removable guard cutter stay can be from about 25 knots wind, a reffbarer jib, or, if it continues aufbrist, a storm jib sails are set so that the focus can be optimally centered. Depending on your program, you have the choice between a symmetric or an asymmetric spinnaker. However, nothing prevents the two sails on board, so that you are prepared for any weather.
Below deckBelow decks has thought of everything that makes life on board for the crew comfortable. Three spacious double cabins in standard or two cabins in the owner's version. Separated from the great, by the huge windows in the deck house very bright-looking lounge area, located on the port side next to the decline of the standard with refrigerator, Zweiflammenherd equipped with oven, double sink and pantry. Opposite, to starboard, there is the navigation corner with a spacious chart table, numerous storage compartments and instrument panel. Spacious storage rooms, and swallows' nests are always located below deck.
The bright and cheerful living area below deck conveys a sense of space, one would suppose on a ship this size, no. The large windows in the deck house offering unobstructed views to the outside. One factor which also serves the security, if you are a Zweimanncrew road.
On this boat there is no corner, every one has the impression of space. The crews of the neighboring boats in the harbor, will find out very quickly that the salon of the Opium 39 is the best place for jointEvenings is.

The production qualityIn order to maximize the quality of the hull can be achieved, will be selected for the construction of resins and fibers, with the best properties.
Hull and deck are made using a sandwich of balsa and closed cell polyester foam, vinyl ester and hand-crafted glass fiber mats, in a vacuum process. A sandwich construction is compared to a massive structure, a considerably higher strength and a considerable weight advantage.
Vinyl ester resin has a resilience that is twenty percent higher than that of polyester resin.Particularly important for building the boats, however, that vinyl acetate is not affected by osmosis.
Those for the construction of the Opium 39 used multidirectional fiberglass mats provide resistance values that are far above those of the fibrous material commonly used in boat building.
The application of the vacuum process makes it possible to produce a composite material with an ideal ratio of resin to fiber, which is also still free of air bubbles and ensures a perfect homogeneity of the structure. This procedure also prevents the dispersion of toxic fumes into the environment.
Indeed, the design of the Opium 39, we had thought about what options would be in addition to the standard version possible. Some of them we then have a closer look and further developed: